How BIME is helping Bisnode transform customer databases into key value-added information

By Nathalie Patrat, Head of Marketing and Datamining at Bisnode -


By Nathalie Patrat, Head of Marketing and Datamining at Bisnode

In 2013, WDM.Directinet became Bisnode. Its mission remained unchanged: Bisnode is a Relationship Marketing Specialist and helps other businesses to transform their customer data into insights. In fact, the knowledge and insight of the individual is at the heart of CRM. Thanks to the expertise of Bisnode and the power of their tools, Bisnode helps its customers to identify, understand, segment and enrich their data to make it more fluid and workable. This also allows them to gain the confidence of, retain, and maintain a lasting relationship with their own customers.

What were the needs of Bisnode when choosing BIME?

The main need was to provide our customers with friendly and accessible dashboards to view the profile of their customer base. In a world which is moving faster and faster, BIME is a lightning quick way to present the value added information in these databases.

Today, Bisnode customers can at a glance visualize and consult their customer base online, thanks to the data manipulation work of Bisnode and through the interface of BIME. The power of BIME lies in its utilization by the end users - Bisnode clients but also internal users: “The sales department at Bisnode use BIME to view the profiles of their own prospection database to help them sell by putting in place segmentation and knowledge of their prospects.” says Nathalie Patrat.

The advantages of BIME?

Bisnode were looking for a simple and modern way to format data and communicate to their customers. A quick demonstration of BIME online swung the decision for Bisnode: “A demo says a lot more than words on the possibilities of transforming and developing the data” says Nathalie Patrat. BIME soon proved to be an ideal tool in its ease of implementation and through its online accessibility to quickly create dynamic dashboards, on the fly, in the browser, which can be easily shared with Bisnode’s customers.