BIME v5.2: New Omniture Connector & more

Here are the latest shiny new features in BIME:

New Omniture Connector!

Another string in our digital analytics bow comes in the form of a brand new connector to Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst.

(We realise that Omniture has recently been rebranded as part of the Adobe Analytics family of tools but we’re going to keep calling it by its former name until the new one has had time to establish itself)



Query Blender Test Connection Join

When creating joins between different data sources using the Query Blender tool, you can now test the join to see if it was successful. This can help understand and avoid any incomprehensible query results you may encounter.

screenshot 2.png

Change Measure & Aggregator Configuration

When allowing your dashboard viewers the change measure and aggregator functionality, you can now specify exactly which measures and aggregators you’d like to give them access to.

screenshot 3.png

Range Date Calculated Measures

One long-awaited missing feature in BIME was the capability of applying a range date period to a calculated measure.  The development team kindly delivered!  But not only can you apply a specified range date, you can also apply a repetition for similar date periods in the past.  We’ve created a short video tutorial to show you how it works.

As well as the above, we’ve also added an in-memory cache for faster load time of both queries and dashboards.

A Few Fixes...

- Alignment of bullet points in text widgets in dashboards

- Removal of timeout for Postgre SQL

- Fix of GA problem when using range date calculation measure and All goals attribute in filter

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