BIME puts Dukan on a diet

The weight loss diet created by Pierre Dukan has become extremely popular in the last 5 years. After best-selling books, the Dukan Diet has moved to the digital environment and created one of the first global e-commerce website on the topic of weight loss - a site with more than 500,000 unique visitors and 20,000 orders per month.

The website is available in 8 countries: France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Turkey (as well as franchises in the Americas). Each localized site offers expertise on how to start a customized diet and be guided along the way by an online coach. Users also enjoy the convenience of an online shop. Eight countries and multiple languages = 16 websites generating an incredible amount of data to analyze and learn from.

Jean-Baptiste Puig, Data Manager and Web Analyst for Dukan, highlights the new challenges related to the success and international expansion of the brand:

We have to deal with a large amount of data. We’re analyzing the performance of our websites through Google Analytics, Joomla for the coaching sites, and RBS change for orders and revenue through the online shop.
— Jean-Baptise Puig, Data Manager, Dukan

The Dukan team has two people assigned to analyzing website traffic. They were using Excel as the de facto standard for assembling data. A very manual process, day after day after day.

That file contained macros, but we were never safe from making an error. There have been a lot of manual interventions to fix the file. But it was not a viable solution in the long-run.
— Jean-Baptiste Puig, Data Manager, Dukan

It’s been a year now since the group decided to invest in BI to automate the reporting in order to use the time previously lost on the process of producing the reports on actually analyzing them. The team simply wanted a solution that would automatically collect and organize their data so that they could focus their time on asking quality questions of it. The answers to those questions then becoming valuable insights on how to best enhance value to their customers.

Work began by putting together a requirements definition, involving an IT project manager and site managers from France and Russia. With his hybrid background, IT and business school, Jean Baptiste is the main point of contact between IT and colleagues in other departments throughout Dukan.

BI-One really helped us conduct the project, especially the optimization of the database,” points out Jean-Baptiste. A unique database is used for collecting payment and usage data for the 16 websites. A big project starts with the quality of the data. This was the first impact of BIME dashboards; data over a week’s activity were correct with BIME but not in Excel. This triggered a thorough audit of data integrity. This discovery extended the project period which in the end proved beneficial in order to reach the original objectives related to the reliability of the analysis.  

The first KPIs for the coaching websites will be out this month. Dashboards have been built to follow daily, weekly and monthly activity, as well as a master dashboard to summarize the big picture.

I really have the impression that I’m in front of a Boeing dashboard. I can control everything, I can do predictive web.
— says Jean-Baptiste with enthusiasm, due to the results of the project.

Jean-Baptiste envisions additional dashboards to monitor actual and theoretical revenue, unique visitors, leads, converstion rate, types of coaching and annualized variations and totals.

Dukan has gone from monthly reporting that took five working days to put together, to the publishing of reliable real-time visual analytics. “We have a better analytical cost-effectiveness with BIME” concludes Jean-Baptiste. Dashboards for the online shops will soon follow along with projects analyzing buyer behavior.