BIME and new Middle Eastern Partner to attend Gitex event in Dubai

From 20-24 October, BIME will be attending the Gitex Technology Week event in Dubai with our new partner in the region, BRAMS. We spoke to BRAMS to find out more about the new partnership.

Can you provide a brief description of BRAMS?

BRAMS is a well-established and trusted IT specialist with over 13 years’ experience in delivering a wide range of products and services to some of the largest and trusted enterprises across Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Over the past few years, BRAMS has built a strong reputation as one of the leading authorities on cloud computing and mobility solutions as it helps organizations of all types make the transition to the cloud. The bottom line is we take Enterprises into the future with cloud computing's promise of great productivity.

What are the key strengths of BRAMS?

• An in-depth knowledge and experience in Cloud Computing

• An industrialized design and implementation methodology

• A strong partnership with global cloud players like Google, Proofpoint and other SaaS providers – offering a comprehensive range of solutions to match the needs of the dynamic enterprise

• An integrated approach to training and change management tailored to the enterprise customer’s needs

• Competent and certified teams on three continents to assist these customers and help our vendor partners grow their business

Why did you choose BIME?

As one of the leading cloud computing specialists, we have noticed an exponential growth in the use of data by companies, including social customer data. Many decision-makers are wrestling with the most effective ways to analyze real-time data quickly and effectively.

This is where we see BIME fit. Thanks to its cloud-based BI service, we can now offer our enterprise customers a faster, easier and more economical BI solution that they can now deploy and lower total cost of ownership. Along with superior ease of use, BIME will help drive broader user adoption within any organization.

Why are you attending the Gitex event with BIME?

This is the first year we are participating at Gitex and we are hoping to use this opportunity to demonstrate the advantages cloud computing offers including sharing the complete portfolio of solutions including BIME and its BI services and benefits.

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