Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Since we launched BIME, we described it from the very beginning as a pure cloud BI solution. This is what BIME stands for regarding the technical programming behind the out-of-this-world dashboards that our customers are creating each and every day.

But we are often told that what we code is very close to science-fiction advancements in the world of cloud BI. And we now have the official proof. We present you BIME v5.3, now with time traveling capabilities, an embedded data scheduler and a galaxy of new connectors!

So, let’s rise above the cloud and zoom in on the new features that this version brings to its users!


The business world is a race nowadays and this is why it is important to have two major advantages: comparing and learning from past performances and being able to react in minutes or even seconds to challenges. You can have both in BIME v5.3: you can now create time comparison calculated measures on quarters, for instance or create a range date on minutes and even on the seconds level!


Since after each race and, more and more often, during the race, we want to know what are our indicators, we need to get our data constantly refreshed and this is is why BIME v5.3 now includes an advanced data scheduler based on a Windows / Unix service that can be used to schedule the refresh of your data in the BIME cloud storage and to define in a flexible way the refresh rate of your data.


Before starting a race, during warm-up, we realize that victory depends on multiple factors just like performance depends nowadays on the connections and sources that you have in the data world - this is the reason we keep adding both online and hosted connectors. BIME v5.3 goes big on video data with its Youtube and DailyMotion connectors and also adds a highly-requested Adobe Omniture connector and also Google Cloud SQL and Quickbooks ones to the list of more than 30 connectors that we launched already.


And, last but not least, because we know that you are not only visitors of new worlds but also creators, we wanted to take your (Star Trek) Enterprise to a whole new level so we launched a special portal for your dashboard viewers on - to add to the SF references, it’s like having your personal Stargate you invite your colleagues through!


You can now discover the whole universe of features and advantages of BIME v5.3 here.


That being said, the BIME team has only one more thing to promise for the next version:

Warp speed ahead!