Boris Evelson: An Advocate For SaaS BI

In a recent article entitled "Continuation Of The BI Software-Plus-Services Convergence Trend" written by Boris Evelson, a principal analyst at Forrester Research, he states:

"BI is hot. All of the leading management consultancies and systems integrators are putting BI at the top of their priority lists...BI SaaS [..] is still a niche in a much larger market of on-premises and hosted (same as on-premises, just hosted by a vendor – very different from SaaS), but it’s growing rapidly. Especially in the SMB sector, where internal IT resources don’t have enough bandwidth, capabilities, or budget to deliver BI apps in house. Or where business users don’t have the experience, expertise, or time to tell their own IT resources how to design and build such analytical applications, and want to leverage the business expertise of the SaaS vendors."

This is exactly how Bime helps its users, so it's always nice to see analysts hitting the nail on the head by identifying the ways SaaS business intelligence can help companies, especially SMBs :)

Some other benefits of Cloud BI over on-premise that we have identified include:

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