Bime Travel Diary - Las Vegas : Enterprise Cloud Summit May 2012

After the launch of Google BigQuery we were pleased to be able to show off our new collaboration in "the entertainment capital of the world"... Las Vegas. Last week, as part of an express N.American tour, Rachel attended the Interop Enterprise Cloud Summit in Las Vegas as a speaker. Hosted in the famous Mandalay Bay Hotel, the event brought together players from SaaS / IaaS / PaaS / telecom. etc.

We presented alongside Ju-Kay Kwek, Product Manager of Google Big Query... Why?... Because we were one of their first BigQuery partners (the official BigQuery launch was a week earlier).

Using Bime's front end business intelligence and analytics over BigQuery allows the possibilty to immediately analyze huge volumes of data in the cloud. We did live demonstrations, showcasing the combination of BigQuery and Bime to create queries on a dataset of 450 million lines, online, on the fly and all in the cloud. Each query took around 3-4 seconds to execute (without any prior aggregation).

Find below our pitch in the event programme and some photos of the event. You can read Rachel's full report on the event on our French Blog.

Big Data Analytics and BI in the Cloud Location: Lagoon D Google has used Big Data, analytics, and massive computational power to create a data-driven and agile business. With cloud services like its recently launched BigQuery product, it is enabling, for many businesses, Google-scale data analytics on billion-row data sets for the first time. This session will focus on why Google developed these technologies and how Google products like App Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery can give you simple, reliable and effective tools to leverage the power of data. It will also look at real-life use cases, their business impact, and what businesses can learn from this.

Speaker - Ju-kay Kwek, Product Manager, Google Speaker - Rachel Delacour, CEO, Bime