Explosion Axis [BIME TIP]

One of the new axes of analysis is called the explosion axis. This allows you to generate visualizations for each element Bime will find in the axis.For example:


In this example we generated one chart per region allowing you to easily compare them.

The automatic view for these charts is the tile view. You can switch to the coverflow view, by changing it in the menu in the top right hand corner. Whichever mode you save it in will be the one available in the dashboard.


In the coverflow view you can easily switch between the visualizations using the slider. You can do exactly the same in the dashboard, giving a really interactive experience to the viewer, as well as being more space efficient that the tile view.


You can still make all your customizations (drop shadows, axis labels, clustered/stacked...) as normal, using the little arrow button in the center of the pivot table.


What do you think about this feature? Can you think of any ways it could be improved? Please let us know in the comments!

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