Bime Prepares its Launch in China

Bime is preparing its takeover of the East. We are heading for China! Right now, the Bime France and Bime China teams are preparing the launch of Bime in we wanted to give you a sneak peek before the official launch!

With so many successful companies today, there is no need to highlight the volume of data that exists to analyze for Chinese managers or foreigners working for Western subsidiaires. The penetration rate of BI solutions is increasingly important for these companies. On top of this, despite the contradiction of the "private" Internet and its accessibility, local companies like the concept of SaaS. Like everyone else, they are looking for added value, via cost savings and other efficiencies brought about by a software solution that combines the latest technology, regular updates and collaboration.

So it was natural for Mr. Wu Hao's BI team, who have a solid 15 years of experience in the market, to adopt Bime and build up the new Bime China venture; that is, its reseller and distributor ecosystem, its team and its client base.

As I write these words, Bime China is coming to life. It currently covers Shanghai and Beijing. The sales and marketing teams have been enthusiastically confirming the results of their initial field tests...the localized version of Bime is almost finished!

Stay tuned for more news soon!

To contact Bime China, please email Caroline Liu.