Bime helps the Department of Justice for British Columbia publish their data to the public

With the help of Bime, the Province of British Columbia (BC, Canada's western most province) recently published their data on the province's court systems.

The Dashboards -

The Aim Their aim is to become more transparent and to open up their data for use by the province's citizens, businesses, media and academics. To achieve this the department worked in partneship with Bime to produce dashboards visualizing the statistics and key measures from all the province's courthouses. The dashboards present interactive data visualizations displaying information geographically and broken down into easily accessible, user-friendly graphs and pie charts. Users are able to drill-down and search statistics from individual regions or courthouses. Statistics include the number of new court cases, months to case conclusion, court hours and scheduled court appearances for the three levels of court in BC.

The Proccess Dan Chiddell, Director, Strategic Information & Business Applications for the BC Ministry of Justice gave us some feedback on the proccess and the general response to the dashboard:

"The Bime team proved to be very agile and quickly responded to a very aggressive three-week deadline to meet the Ministry’s requirement to develop, implement and announce the new dashboard."

With a 9 hour time difference between BC and Montpellier this could perhaps have been a stumbling block but collaboration proved very effective between the Ministry and Bime staff. The project was completed on time and on budget. Speaking of the tool itself the Ministry commented:

"The BIME software tool that was used proved to be very flexible and effective for data dashboard displays".

The Response"To date the feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive and there are plans to add more content in the future."

The dashboards can be found on the BC Ministry of Justice website by clicking on the "Dashboards" link or by clicking the screenshot below.



With the recent explosion of data produced by governments, harnessing this data can potentially be hugely valuable. We have recently seen many national governments including those in France, Britain and the US opening up much of their data to the public to encourage collaboration, participation and transparency in governnment. The NYT recently reported on another interesting example of open government data, the New York department of health introduced a letter sanitary grading for all the city's restuarants. After making the data available on the Health Department’s website, the site has gone from 10,000 hits per month to 124,000 with mobile apps harnessing this data also planned. BC is the first province Canadian province to create a website like DataBC dedicated to their data and containing around 2,700 data sets. The BC government hopes making the data available to the public will show the daily challenges faced and help keep the public informed.

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