Analyze Facebook Data via

At the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, and Steve Fisher, senior vice president of the platform division at Salesforce, demonstrate a recruiting program made possible by making's platform compatible with Facebook. When it comes to things like job recommendations, social networks are powerful venues that customers can now tap, they say.

Salesforce actually launched something similar 3 years back - a Facebook application for connecting data from the two services. Appropriately named Faceforce, the application allows you to see things like your contact record (which is kept in your account) side-by-side with a user’s Facebook profile, assuming they are list as a friend.

What could this mean for Bime? Possibly an indirect connection to Facebook data, via Salesforce uses the Facebook API to collect data from the social networking site. Assuming it can be stored and accessed in just as the rest of your CRM data, you may well be analyzing your Facebook data with Bime very soon!