The Europas: the tip of the European "tech" iceberg

January 22 in (a -7°C) Berlin

We were nominated in the category Best French StartUp. An opportunity for us to meet the European tech ecosystem. All the web finalists were present (including Qunb - who won the award for Best French Startup - bravo).

Some positive aspects:

- The meetings are always very "investor" orientated and it is true that you have access to almost all the European Venture Capitalists that matter. Simply review the list here.

- It's a good way to market innovative products... and it's still cheap because it's not yet well known, either by discovering on-site visits to a meeting or getting your name out there and turning your founder friends viral (we are currently checking out Mention after there was a lot of buzz around it at the event).

- Sometimes some surprise lead generation - but only if you properly prepare in advance. It can be difficult to do a demo at short notice in a huge bar for example!

Among the negatives:

I noted how the prizes were quickly rattled through. A photo and then away, not even a word from the winner. A succession of winners and names without explanation or a presentation of the jury. In short, the event came across as very "speedy", in general no content even though I can understand: the main pitch for the event is coming to network.

So, some good things and some bad things.

I had the pleasure of crossing Liam RudeBaguette, here is his version of Europas.

Translated and summarized from the French version written by Rachel, which can be found HERE.