Use analytics to delve deeper into your SugarCRM data

Turn your SugarCRM data into dollars by using Bime. Using the RDBMS, MySQL connection it’s easy to lift your SugarCRM data and load it into BIME where you can use the powerful calculation engine to query your data and then create slick visualizations and dashboards. SugarCRM is a cloud based, reasonably priced and easy to use CRM, like Bime it is ideal for small and medium sized businesses as well as departments within a company. SugarCRM can be used to communicate with prospects share sales information, close deals, keep the customers happy and control the whole sales process. With Bime you can dig deeper into SugarCRM to get real value from your data:

  • Understand your clients
  • Measure and understand the performance of your sales team
  • Understand your marketing actions, measure the success of your marketing campaigns and identify the type of customers and leads they are bringing in
  • Mix your CRM data with data from other sources, with the QueryBlender in Bime you can analyze your data side by side regardless of the data source, on-line or on premise. CRM, marketing, finance, build dashboards to give a complete overview of your company.
  • Analyze data by fiscal year, using Bime's powerful calculation engine it is easy to ask questions of your data to get the information you want, for example analyze your data by fiscal year.
  • Understand your opportunity funnel. Bime can provide insight into each section of the sales process as well as providing an overview of the whole funnel. Where are the bottlenecks in the process and what is causing these problems?

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