2011 Trends Report: Business Intelligence By Focus.com [RESEARCH]

We Are Cloud have contributed to a Trend Report published by focus.com - 2011 Trends Report: Business Intelligence. "The current economic environment is marked by more dangerous and frequent changes than in the past. It’s no wonder that more and more, businesses look to Business Intelligence (BI) software to identify and analyze business data to speed corporate responses to these changes. So, what changes are ahead for BI? In this guide, Focus Experts Bill Cabiro, David Crandall, Wayne Kernochan, Kirsty Lee, Clarice Lin and Shawn Rogers share their 2011 predictions for business intelligence."

An extract from the report:

What are the top business intelligence trends to track in 2011?

1. Increased investment in BI

“Increased injections of investment in this area will be the key driving force for further development and expansion. More companies will be reaching out to BI to carve out their competitive advantage; companies with existing BI will look to further improve it in the face of the changing businesses; BI software development will hit new heights – with the increasing demand, BI software developer companies will tailor to the needs of their clients and continue to improve the experience so that it will become an every-employee tool, one that’s easy to use and provides quick answers to decision making.” (Lin)

2. Incorporation of social data

“One of the top trends for business intelligence in 2011 is the movement toward utilization of social data. There are over 250 major social media and networking sites producing data that can be incorporated into enterprise business intel- ligence environments. Social data analytics delivers behavioral, sentiment, social graph and video/audio data to decision makers, allowing them a greater level of insight when executing BI. Look for this trend to accelerate in 2011 as integra- tion issues are overcome to make this type of a data easily accessible.” (Rogers)

“Analysts such as Gartner have predicted a social future for business intelligence, i.e. businesses that leverage social me- dia within their business intelligence software will gain an advantage over others. Business intelligence software develop- ers should be taking note and making their analytics and reporting offerings more ‘social’ by taking the technologies and principles behind Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth and applying them to their solutions.” (Lee)

You can access the report here : 2011 Trends Report: Business Intelligence.

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