We won an award

This morning we received a mail from mydesginaward.com saying :


Our design community and MyDesignAward giving you an Design Award! Thank You for you AWESOME Job! We love your site - it is AMAZING and will be added now in to the awarded design category.

Know what ? I love that ! When you are on a project like ours, you want feedback because it enables you to transform your initial intention into something that keeps getting better and better.

Let be fully honest. I spend a lot of time on the Internet in particular in design fields. It is absolutely not my job, rather my hobby, but I read k10k and designiskinky for almost 9 years, and I know our website is not that good. But, it is far better than its first release a few months ago. And every tweak between that first release and this release come from feedback.

At the beginning, it is always hard to hear criticism of your work. If you've done some thing in a certain way it is because you obviously think it is a good thing. Then, some of these criticisms begin to make sense in your head and you tweak and tweak again...until you get an award.

It is again, all about agility, you can't do the perfect thing upfront : do your thing the best you can and wait for feedback. I guess it meets the Agile manifesto : Responding to a change over following a plan.

One last thing, positive feedback is as important as negative feedback. Thanks to www.mydesignaward.com for the recognition.

And thanks to all of you that helped so much saying us what you think about our work. We are just at the beginning, next major step, the product release : we want to hear from you and we will do our best to make the feedback process as fun as possible (maybe a secret web site...).