What If My Courier Costs Doubled? - Executing 'What If' Analysis [Dashboard]

What if we added more staff to our Sales team? What if the cost of shipping decreased? What happens if I increase my unit price by 20% and decrease my units sold by 10%. How would these scenarios affect our company?... Using Bime we can find out using Global Variables. The great thing about Bime is that once the Global Variables are defined, the slider control allows you to change the values of the variables on the fly and therefore change all dependent calculations.

To illustrate this best we can run through a quick example:

What will happen to my profits if my courier costs change ?

In Bime to execute 'What If' analysis we need to first define our global variables, the values which will change to create the 'What If' scenario. Therefore we have 2 Global Variables, 'Domestic Courier Cost' and 'International Courier Cost'. Both variables will be used to model percentage change, so they have a default value of 1, a maximum of 2 (a 100% increase) and a minimum of 0.01 (so, 1% of the present cost).

Next we can use the global variables to define some calculated measures and work out our costings. Firstly we can use the global variables as a multiplier in our posting costs e.g.

Domestic Postage = SUMX(Postage Cost)*VAR(Domestic Courier) International Postage = SUMX(Postage Cost)*VAR(International Courier)

Then, we tell the system to apply the different rates, domestic and international, appropriately:

Variable Postage = IF ([Location]="Domestic") THEN SUM(Domestic Postage) ELSE SUM(International Postage) ENDIF

Finally, we factor the variable into our calculation of profits:

Variable Profit = SUM(Sales Amount)-SUM(Cost Goods)-SUM(Variable Postage)

We are then able to create some visualizations using the 'What If' scenario and using the slider in the right hand column, change the cost of the domestic and international couriers on the fly and predict how this will affect profits.

TRY IT NOW by clicking the image below and moving the slider at the bottom of the right panel!