We Are Cloud Launches First Genuine Cloud BI Service in China [PRESS RELEASE]

  • Localized Version of Award-Winning Business Analytics and Visualization
  • Targets the Needs of 42 Million SMBs and Government Agencies in the Mainland

BEIJING, CHINA, and MONTPELLIER, FRANCE. 14 March 2012. We Are Cloud, the creator of the cloud business intelligence service Bime and “ICT European start up of the year,” today announced the launch of Bime China, a fully customized version of its award-winning BI platform that allows enterprises and government agencies of any size to mine their own business and answer the complex questions posed by the age of big data.

With headquarters in the capital Beijing and branch offices in the economic powerhouses of Shanghai and Guangzhou, Bime China provides customers with a local cloud computing platform consisting of distributed local servers, an adapted and localized product as well as sales and technical support to guarantee satisfied cloud BI users in China.

“Our team has more than a dozen years experience in the BI field and is made up of a diverse team of Chinese and international experts. We’ve never seen a product as innovative, fresh and constantly ahead of the market as Bime,” says Greaman Wu, General Manager of Bime China and a graduate of the prestigious Beijing University. “We Are Cloud’s speed of development and focus on constantly improving their service is crucial in a market such as China, which is just now beginning to embrace cloud computing on a larger scale. We are confident that Bime China will be the first true cloud BI service to crack this demanding market. ”

Bime China will initially target the country’s more than 42 million small and medium-size businesses, many of which are becoming aware of the power, efficiency and cost advantages of cloud computing but have not yet tapped its potential. According to recent surveys, roughly one in five Chinese businesses have either used cloud computing services or are testing them. Moreover, Business intelligence has become the top priority in how private enterprises, government industries and public agencies handle, mine and share important data in one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to building a top-notch national cloud-computing infrastructure and is therefore rolling out deployments in key cities across the country. Bime China is partnering with cloud computing centers in various provinces which service local SMBs, as well as government trade associations which provide targeted solutions in their respective industries. Not unlike the approach taken for its global customer base, in China Bime provides its BI tools to meet the needs of vertical markets such as finance, telecommunications and selected government industries.

“We are excited and very proud to be the first global BI provider to offer a service that fits China’s needs as its IT infrastructure moves into the cloud,” says Rachel Delacour, co-founder and CEO of We Are Cloud, based in Montpellier, France. “Business intelligence born in the cloud and built for the cloud is a particularly difficult challenge. Customers must be certain that their data is safe, secure and always accessible,” she adds. “Bime enables our customers around the world to run even very complex reports. They can tap into and blend all kinds of data sources, no matter whether it’s a spreadsheet, a large database on a mainframe, or web analytics data streaming in.”

Unlike other cloud BI vendors, We Are Cloud recognizes that not all enterprises and government entities at the regional, provincial or national level want to run their sensitive analysis and visualization in the public cloud. That’s why Bime China supports on-premise clouds and hybrid installations, depending on each customer’s individual needs to turn their data into valuable insights in minutes.

Bime is a subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) that lets users mix and mine large data sets in real-time, right in their browser. Customers can answer hard business questions with intuitive visualizations, and publish or securely share the results via dashboards. Taken together, Bime helps its users answer key business questions at the speed of thought and together arrive at decisions faster -- whether they use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

About We Are Cloud

We Are Cloud is the creator of Bime, a pioneer solution of cloud BI, born in and built for the Cloud. We started because business intelligence was mostly just too hard: too hard to use, too hard to manage, too hard to buy and too hard to get right. Bime delivers simple-to-use yet powerful BI, analytics, data visualization and dashboarding in a software-as-a-service application, making data analysis fast, easy and low-cost. We Are Cloud was founded in 2009 in Montpellier, an academic R&D hotbed in the South of France. The company has been recognized as a trailblazer in the cloud BI field, most recently as “Best European Start Up of the Year” at ICT Spring 2011 in Luxembourg and “Best Cloud Application” by the Cloud Computing World Series Awards in London.

To find out more, visit: http://bimeanalytics.com.

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