Traits Of Next-Generation BI

Having recently stumbled across a post entitled "Traits of Next-Generation BI" by Dave Kellogg, a software technology executive with experience in the BI startup world, we though we'd take a look at each trait to see how Bime compares. Remember our principal driving force here at Bime HQ: Innovation. We were happy to read that Bime is already doing most of the things that Kellogg listed, which would make it a pretty cutting edge BI solution :)

What does the future of BI look like ?

  • In memory, columnar, and compressed. Last week we released version 2.5 of Bime, the main upgrade being new compression schemes that give you the ability to export more data inside Déjà Vu (our distributed cache). Bime now runs faster while handling more data. As well as this, it uses a powerful OLAP engine that runs in a web browser and that allows you to work in-memory or to use the power of databases.
  • Fast."The dream of BI — particularly for interactive analysis tools – has always been 'speed of thought' analysis". Funnily enough, we've been using this term - "speed of thought" - to describe Bime's analysis capabilities for a while now. Check out our videos which is where we first coined it.
  • Directly connected. "Next-generation BI tools generally connect directly to the underlying source databases (and/or the Internet) to capture data. This means they must also have basic data integration capabilities both so they properly align data from different systems and dynamically refresh it". Bime's ability to connect to on and offline data fits this trait perfectly. The dynamic refresh is done via déjà vu; you can set it to refresh at periodic intervals so you never have to worry about your data being up-to-date.
  • Schema-free. Although Bime uses a schema of measures and attributes, we thought aspects of this trait was partially true : "Relationships among data (e.g., hierarchy) are discovered dynamically". The connection builder in Bime will automatically pick up the headings from your spreadsheet (or other data source) and put them into the schema automatically. You can then create new dimensions or attributes if you wish, and move things around to form further categories and hierarchies.
  • Beautiful. We are focussed on providing the "sexiest" solution on the market : the design of Bime's user interface has been created to maximise ease of use but at the same time be visually appealing. Providing beautiful visualizations that are more powerful than the basic report and bar chart are at the forefront of Bime's innovation.
  • Mobile. We are working on it! Watch this space.

  • We continue to work hard on rolling out new features for you every few weeks. Bime was built on your feedback and we love to hear from you, the users. If you have any comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at: Are there any other things you think that next-gen BI should include? Let us know in the comments.