Things went on!

I am the latest to join the team. We are in a hurry to show you some snapshots of our product. We hope you’ll give us some feedback.

My personal goal is to create a collaborative website to share best practices in Business Performance Management…a sort of “Youtube” for business world. We want to call this website “MeasuresDictionary”. What do you think about it?

Indicators and best practices will be presented, uploaded and downloaded with our SAAS Business Intelligence product.

Even though you don’t want our BI product, you will be able to consult the community’s posts.

It’s my first time as an active member of a collaborative internet community and moreover, as a web developer. I was rather accustomed to using new technologies to follow last new fashionable dresses on my Netvibes pages. Time has come for more serious things…

We’ll try to develop a simple app, with only essential functionalities…it became our philosophy, both for our BI product and our MeasuresDictionary.

I personally hope you’ll be critical of our work-in-progress…for the best: la crème de la crème!