The Analytics Manifesto

Do you agree that people are more important than tools? Do you think that actions are more important than reports? If you do, have a look at The Analytics Manifesto.

The Analytics Manifesto was developed to unite all stakeholders in web analytics—analysts, users, consultants, managers, buyers, and vendors—about some core principles. The manifesto is an initiative by Lars Johansson and Christoffer Luthman.

What is the idea behind The Analytics Manifesto?

It's easy to focus on the wrong things when doing web analytics — things that do not lead to improvements. This manifesto makes it clear what's important. All things listed are important, but the ones in bold are emphasized.


People over Tools

"Regardless of which web analytics tool you're using, information has to be put in context and interpreted. Even the best of tools can't help you if you're not applying your skills to use them properly. It takes people to ensure that data collection is correct, and it takes people to analyze the data and make sound, and well-informed, recommendations."

Change over Condition

"Describe the change, rather than just the current figure, for different metrics. Changes in trends tell you how your performance is developing. Figures taken out of context won't drive change. An unwanted trend prompts you to make decisions and take action."

Actions over Reports

"Make sure to provide insights that can be acted on. A recommendation and an action is worth a lot more than a report consisting of only tables and graphs."

Tests over Assumptions

"Make sure your assumptions and theories actually lead to an improvement by using A/B or multivariate testing. Avoid basing decisions on your, or others', assumptions. Tests ensure that changes, tested during the same conditions, improve the experience for visitors and contribute toward goals."

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