Survey Shows SaaS Satisfaction

Yesterday, Jeff Kaplan reported on a small online poll of 53 people showing growing popularity and satisfaction with SaaS. Here are the highlights.

  • 44 of them (83%) are currently using one or more SaaS solution
  • Eight out of the remaining nine are considering using SaaS
  • Nearly 60% of the survey respondents have adopted or are considering horizontal applications
  • Less than 10% were looking at or utilizing industry-specific SaaS solutions only
  • The remaining 30% are taking advantage of or considering both horizontal and industry-specific SaaS apps
  • Over 80% of the survey participants said application features and functionality is the key criterion for selecting a SaaS vendors

Of the current users,

  • 85% reported they are very satisfied with their SaaS solutions
  • Two respondents said they were dissatisfied
  • 61% said they would expand their use of SaaS
  • Nearly 70% said they would recommend SaaS to others

While this is only a tiny survey and we shouldn't read too much into it, it's great to see an overwhelming majority "very satisfied" by their transition to SaaS. As Jeff rightly points out, the two respondants who were not happy serve as a reminder to thoroughly investigate the vendor before buying. Of course this is always true, online and offline.

All in all, 85% very satisfied is pretty good going. The survey was advertized on ThinkStrategies website (SaaS evangelists) as well as Datamation, which may explain the rather unbelievable figure of 98% using or planning to use SaaS. Still, it's nice to hear that people are satisfied with the cloud.

See the original questionaire is here.