Steve Dine, Analyst at B-eye-Network, Reviews BIME!

“My overall opinion of Bime is good. They make it easy to create meaningful analyses and dashboards at a low cost. It is visually appealing and the collaboration features are a step in the right direction. It is a great option for the mid-market.”

These words are extracts from a recent review of BIME by Steve Dine, a famous Business Intelligence analyst at B-Eye-Network.

The review is really good but Steve Dine has some remarks about missing features and big enterprise adoption.

As he mentioned, we first target the SMBs. One of our key goals was to keep the software as simple as possible while providing as much power as we can. ETL for example is a complex process for the end user. That’s why -for now- we didn't want to bring the complexity of ETL in the mix. For now, we bypass it offering a unique feature: mixing data from different data sources in memory. Taking data from a relationnal database and from a account and mix them without ETL process? Yes, you can do that in Bime and it only takes you a fraction of the time of the development on an ETL process.

We try to find innovative way to simplify common business analytics tasks and also create some innovative capabilities you won't find anywhere else (just have a look at the What-if Analysis feature). It also means that sometimes it is hard to go through the check list feature of traditional business intelligence solution.

I bet that large companies will actually jump faster than expected. In our case, some have already done it…to be fair, not as a worldwide corporate choice but as a lightweight, rapid fire business intelligence solution which, more than often, overcomes the old corporate BI solution’s promise.