Stealing Gumbo's templates: the fastest way to use SWFObject to embed all your flex 3 apps

Do you want to know the fastest way to use SWFObject to embed all your flex 3 apps? We have a solution that takes 30 seconds. But before...


Try to validate your default flex 3 html wrapper against this validator. You should get a bunch of errors. For the full rational look at here and at Ted Patrick.


Gumbo, Flex 4, will include templates based on SWFObject. Steal them and use them today!

1) Download Gumbo SDK here. Choose the latest milestone release and the Open Source Flex SDK (the small one).

2) Look for a "templates" folder in the unziped directory. Copy it. 10 seconds...

3) Go to your SDK home. On Mac os: Applications > Adobe Flex Builder 3 (plug-in) > sdks > 3.x.x . Rename the "templates" directory as "templates bak". Paste the new one. 20 seconds...

4) Open Flex Builder / Eclipse. Force the refresh by making a change on the project settings of the html wrapper. Build. 30 seconds: you are done.

By the way, validate your new page against the validator. Woow, no error. Thanks Gumbo.

Disclaimer: I didn't test extensively with history enabled. But we use that for our main app and some projects for several weeks and so far it works great. Let me know if you face any trouble.