Your R&D statistics using Bime and Lighthouse

At We Are Cloud, we use many other web services for our own needs.

Lighthouse helps us "keep track of our project development with ease". It’s a very useful application for all our IT developments. We can clearly organize our work step by step, at one place, track bugs or suggest new feature for Bime. We really like this app.

Lighthouse gathers meaningful information: R&D tasks assigned per engineer, number of bug solved per person, time to solve it, open tickets per edition (ie: per development phase).

That’s why we created a connection between Bime and Lighthouse.

With Bime, I can connect our Lighthouse account, I retrieve any kind of data from it, I create graphs and finally, I send all my findings in a dashboard to my team.


1 - At the beginning, it was only for fun: for each release, we made an internal competition between us (about productivity for example…and please don’t worry it remains friendly).

2 – Now, it provides me accurate information about time spent per person for our Research & Development!