SMBs & Marketing [Infographic]

With no geographic barriers online, marketing to an international audience has never been easier. For SMBs social media and SEO can be an invaluable tool for communicating with their audience, prospecting new leads and then keeping their customers in the loop. We utilize our social media to firstly keep our customers informed over the goings on at Bime but secondly, to discuss the industry, put our thoughts forward and share and discuss any interesting content. We recently came across an infographic from displaying some of the numbers associated with small businesses and their marketing campaigns, particularly how illustrating how SMBs use SEO and social media. 63% of SMBs found that social media creates more loyal customers and we certainly find it facilitates communication and helps us get to know our customers and partners better.

Tracking your online data with Bime

[one_half]For many of our customers, web traffic and social media are central to the success of the business. 56% of SMBs said that they find social media takes more time than expected. Therefore getting all your data together and being able to quickly and easily analyze that data is of great importance and that is where Bime can help! For example online retailer Laptopper use Bime to track their web-analytics and social media data all in one place, on dashboards like these (right).[/one_half]


Small Businesses & Marketing Infographic (source: