SaaS fights crime

We loved this article: SaaS technology helps mid-sized Kentucky Police Department fight crime

In short, a police department serving 17 000 people are using a SaaS service to record crimes and analyse the data from them. This has made policemen's lives a whole lot easier, specifically

  • Officers can access police records immediately when they stop somebody or are at a crime scene.
  • There is a huge reduction in time lost to paperwork.
  • Central office can see crime patterns emerging in real time.
  • Text reports (99% of police reports) are now rapidly searchable and not 'lost' in the file cabinet.
  • The crime statistics are automatically generated into a briefing each morning so the Chief of Police can know everything that's been going on in his neighbourhood before he's had his morning coffee.
  • Other nearby jurisdictions are coming online, sharing data and removing the traditional information silos caused by district barriers.

This last point is particularly important. The department in question use an SQL database, but as it's a SaaS application neighbouring departments have not had to change their's to match, the app just plugs into all of them. The use of SaaS has not only increased the accessibility of police data but also its power.

Just another example of SaaS changing not only the way business is done, but the world we're living in.

Thanks to Jorge Garcia from the Technology Evaluation Center for tweeting this article.