A richer Flex Charting Framework

I spent last week to extract and cleanup the extensions of the flex charting framework we did for Bime.

Design goals were to:

1) add more encoding variables to the standard charts: size, color and shape are used to convey more meaning to visualizations.

2) charts should be as easy to use as the flex ones and require no extra work.

Click on the image below to see some sample (but be warned that it is just technical examples: axis are not properly formated, titles are missing etc...)

We used extensively degrafa. Almost all data renderers are rewritten using it. Thanks to the degrafa team for the good work. We only scratched the surface and it opens already a lot of opportunities for innovations in the data visualization field. We also used examples written by Ely Greenfield. Once again, I can't imagine doing this kind of work without Flex being open source.

Bime will help end users to create easily this type of visualization (+ treemap, sparkline etc...) on the fly. With a simple drag and drop user interface, they'll be able to visually analyze their data from almost anywhere: web services, cloud databases, relational databases, spreadsheets...

If we see some interest, we plan to open source these extensions soon after the official launch of bime in March. So, if you are interested drop us a line in a comment below!