Query Amazon SimpleDb with SQL (like)

Cloud Db can be a little confusing at the beginning. Comparing to relational databases, it is a new way of storing, deleting, retrieving and updating data. It is not that hard but if you add the fact that the tooling (like a true database explorer) is not quite ready, it can be difficult to approach.

Nevertheless, I can't stress enough how things are going fast. Several weeks ago, we could not make join queries in cloud databases. Now, it is available in the last version of Microsoft SQL Data Services. Today, it is Amazon that brings a new SQL-like syntax for SimpleDb. In my opinion, this is again a right move. There is a lot of relational databases skills on the market. If Amazon and Microsoft can make these people feel themselves at home with Cloud Db, it will help a lot the adoption.

The Future of data is in the cloud.