Photos of We Are Cloud presenting Bime V3.0 at DEMO 2011 [PHOTOS]

We just finished presenting at Demo 2011. We had lots of fun being up there on stage and we got a pretty good reception judging by some of the comments on Twitter :) Thank you to everyone who listened to our pitch, and we hope it will convince you to "Mine your own business"! And thanks to the cloud technology sages for giving us a shout out at the end ;)

Well done to all the other companies that presented this morning and good luck to those who are yet to present. We look forward to seeing what else is being launched!

Here are some of our favourite tweets:

La empresa francesa @wearecloud esta haciendo una DEMO buena. "Mine your own data" #democon

From @ccossio

Bime - @wearecloud presenting - fascinating SM monitoring - and Rachel Delacour's doing great (who doesn't want to hear her speak?) D44

From @loudclick

@wearecloud awesome visual data aggregation tool #democon

From @TrueRSVP

Bime Analytics just may have the best tagline of the day... "Mine your own business". #DEMOcon #stroome

From @Stroome

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And here are some of the photos from the Official DEMO photostream on Flickr:

Rachel uses her DEMO brochure to show us that you need Bime to digest lots and lots of data

Rachel explains a bit about the new feature in Bime V3.0 - the QueryBlender

Rachel shows us a real example pivot table analysis with Bime