no personal dashboard !

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Today, I was explaining to a friend the interest of sharing professional dashboards. She didn’t know anything about “Dashboards”. I gave her the best definition I found, by Stephen Few:

“A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives which fits entirely on a single computer screen so it can be monitored at a glance”… You can then analyze, measure, share and act on information quickly.

She immediately answered that “private” ones could be great! I mean it sounds very cool to her to be alerted each time something went wrong in her private environment… to monitor it thanks to “visual information, at a glance”.

I tried to imagine mine with 3 sorts of widgets with such information as: family, work and friends or hobbies. What is the average basket per child each year? Did it decrease or increase as regards last year or versus the family budget? Am I still productive at work…Is my To-Do list still growing? Did my boss give me a prom as expected? What’s the return on investment of our new Wii? We could also use “What-if” analysis to make projections or even add 2.0 features to our life, integrating LinkedIn and Facebook personal statistics: how many times a day my profile is consulted etc…

It could be very interesting to share personal dashboards, to look at other’s priorities in life: gauges for happiness, wealth, health, love, career success… and at which level those alerts start ringging! It could be interesting to correlate alert levels with cultural background.

However, a personal dashboard could be dangerous. When you’re responsible at work because you didn’t consider alerts soon enough, it would be self destructor to blame ourselves each time we lose control.

A business needs to be run with alert tools to take corrective decisions. Dashboards tend to be precious allies for business performance quest..but as regards private life, I seriously doubt it is a panacea!