Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Here is the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods from KPI Library. Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

If we were to list the "elements" that exist in Bime that are on this chart, then they would be the following:

Tb = Table (in Bime we call this visualization 'Grid') Pi = Pie Chart L = Line Chart B = Bar Chart Ac = Area Chart Sc = Scatterplot (we call this 'Bubble Chart') Tp = Tree Map R = Radar Chart Cobweb Da = Data Map (we call it 'Heat Map')

Notice they all come from 2 groups: Data Visualization and Information Visualization. Data Visualization is classed as "Visual representations of quantitative data in schematic form (either with or without axes)." Information Visualization is classed as "The use of interactive visual representations of data to amplify cognition. This means that the data is transformed into an image, it is mapped to screen space. The image can be changed by users as they proceed working with it."

Bime also has some other visualizations not included in this periodic table:

  • Bullet Chart
  • bullet

  • Column Chart
  • Sparkline
  • Do you know of any other interesting visualizations that are not displayed here? We would love to hear from you!