Paperboy is the new black

Few weeks ago, we get out of our bubble: we met people! I mean we met "professional" people, to speak with us about our product and ask them for feedback. We also asked a first team of beta testers to use Paperboy bime to wring Mister-New-Bug's neck.

We are very happy even if we know that our first release is not perfect, it's still a real first accomplishment and we are very proud of it (and by the way our next releases will be perfect). We had really good feedbacks as regards to the tool. Some testers were quite doubtful as regard...the global style: "Business Intelligence is not supposed to be pretty in the business world. They won't trust you."

We try to fulfill our business philosophy: we want to achieve a great product we are in love with. It means we want a useful, well designed AND beautiful BI service. We know it's subjective but have a look to our product in our videos. We would like to be the Hedi Slimane of the BI (Hedi if you read this, sign up for free).

Does it sound weird for you? Do you think it's neither serious nor professional enough? Maybe you're part of those who think so. But please remember that even Karl Lagerfeld lost weight to fit into Hedi's products...

We want Paperboy bime to be beautifully crafted because we want to be an alternative on the BI market. We can't be the one by offering current traditional product.

This hope comes from former frustration while using BI products during our former jobs: we thought that if we found it ugly, other users should have the same opinion and maybe would like to work with something smarter, simpler and prettier.

What about you?