Optimizing for Mobile Devices - What Should You Look at?

Take a look at your mobile traffic data in Google Analytics. What do the trends and patterns mean, and what can you take away from this?

Something you probably want to know is how mobile trends affect the organization as a whole.

Using Bime, you can easily segment to show only mobile devices. Then choose a visualization that will show you clearly the proportion of your measure each mobile device is attributed to, such as the pie chart.  Choose a measure such as revenue (if you are tracking e-commerce or goals with a monetary value) or visits.


This will show you where your revenue (or visits etc.) is coming from. Say 50% of your revenue from mobile traffic is attributable to iPhones. You can use this information to make sure your site is optimized properly for iPhone users, or even run a campaign for iPhones.

A cool feature of Bime is the groups feature. I put all Blackberry devices in the same group, and eveything else in a group called "Other". See the screenshot below.


What else should you look at? Look at the total revenue mobile traffic brings in. Is it worth spending time and money building a mobile site? By looking at these figures you can be more sure that you are making the correct investments.

There are many ways you can use your GA data to reveal trends that can help you optimize your offering. The trick is just to know where to look!