New Google Analytics API: 127 New Dimensions And Metrics Available

One of the aims of the Google Analytics Data Export API is to provide access to all the data you find in your reporting UI. To that end, Google released 127 new dimensions and metrics via the API last week.

Some of the powerful new data points are:

  • Unique visitors - ga:visitors metric has been updated to support the true number of unique visitors for any date range (instead of the daily unique visitors). It also supports significantly more valid combinations.
  • Organic Searches - The number of organic searches within a session.
  • 10 new Adwords dimensions - Including Matched Query (what people searched for, not the bid term) and Placement Domain (which site you content ads were running on).
  • Search Result Views - The number of times a search result page was viewed.
  • 3 Time dimensions - To simplify plotting graphs.

Google also included 111 calculated metrics to make it easy to query most common calculations in the reports, such as bounce rate, cost per conversion, and margin. Now, getting calculated metrics is both more convenient and in parity with the calculated metrics in the UI.

What does that mean for Bime users?

The Google Analytics API update is on our roadmap and will be rolled out in the next release or two - watch this space. With the addition of the new metrics, you will be able to go even further than before with your web analytics analysis in Bime!

You can see a complete list of the new dimensions and metrics here.