More Organizations Applying Business Intelligence More Deeply Than Before [RESEARCH]

According to the 2011 report, “Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study,” from Dresner Advisory Services, the number of organizations using BI is increasing. It also finds that business intelligence is penetrating deeper into the organization, as it becomes less IT-oriented and more focused on the business user. The 630 BI users sampled were made up of both business and IT employees, giving a good broad perspective on the topic. Firms are becoming more and more comfortable deploying BI solutions without the help of the IT department; this is giving users more control and also frees up IT to focus on more pressing issues.

It was interesting to see that emerging vendors are increasingly being chosen for their quick, easy and affordable solutions - a category that we feel bime is strongly aligned to. :)

The graphic below, taken from the report, depicts a snapshot of the BI market.

The 3 most important related technologies/initiatives were:

  • Integration with operational processes
  • Data mining and advanced algorithms
  • and in-memory analysis
  • The chart at the top-right corner of the graphic displays the number of BI users per organization. It appears that the "natural" size of the BI workgroup is between 6 and 50 users.

    63% of respondents reported budget increases in at least one BI area. And 31% experienced increases of more than 10% in at least one area.

    The last chart seems to show that new BI deployments have slowed since last year.

    Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study graphic