In the mood for NERDS

We are currently choosing Paperboy’s colors and graphic chart. We absolutely want to present you a pleasant product.

Because we are fond of design, we enjoy doing this part! Since we are developing Paperboy, we have seen many on-demand solution websites. Sometimes we were afraid and sometimes it was a real pleasure.

Why such a delight? Because it’s still risky to present a “lovely” professional app! Such rarity explains our happiness. We recommend you to visit, it’s pink, lovely, smart, useful, developed by a tiny team with good ideas. They are proud of their app and don’t hesitate to mix “sexy” & “professional” to speak to the cute and young girl who works in a cool marketing department. They are soooooo right!

I love the idea that today new generation of “nerds” or “geeks” is able to produce web apps with cool design. They freed themselves from the marketing guys. Before, those guys needed nerds and vis-versa but this is not true anymore…because nerds became fashionable and quite cool. They are now able to do trendy things…but unfortunately for the marketing guys, they are still unable to code apps.

Nerds are now hype. All the clichés surrounding nerds have been used on the podiums (see current male collections with big glasses and tiny shirts with short sleeves or hype t-shirts with geek codes from the 90’s). Is it the end of the genuine nerd? I don’t think so, there is always a bunch of extremists!

Geeks design glamorous and sexy things to communicate with non-geeks (as if non-geeks could understand only this kind of words!). See, that’s really funny to see how its creator can present you his serious product by using peepshow conventions! …and this is successful!

We are not about designing something “hot” but we wanted to stress that an app can be serious and professional whereas it use a unusual design.

We hope our product will be as lovely for you that it is for us. And maybe so pleasant that we will add a “shop” part where you could buy t-shirts with our Paperboy logo…

The Paperboy nerds