Mine Your Own Business -- We Are Cloud's Pitch To Present at E2.0

We Are Cloud have submitted a pitch to take part in the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Santa Clara in the fall. The pitch content is below, what do you think? Each submission has its own discussion forum. As you read our submission, please share your thoughts with the community through comments. We will be able to refine the submission based on your feedback. We want our proposal to evolve and improve during this stage. Your comments will help draw attention to our submission and show the panel that you are interested in discovering the content we are proposing.

Session Description Cloud technologies are alleviating business intelligence headaches, enabling companies to act in real time on years of data for a fraction of the IT budget. With the increased data from social media communications the move to cloud data has to be well timed and driven by executives.

What knowledge will an E2 attendee gain or benefit from your session? This panel provides insights on the nimble way people do business, no longer relying on trial and error but utilizing all data, including social media, to provide answers to business queries. A holistic look at traditional on-premise systems, cloud-based SaaS, partnership growth and aggregation of increasing social stats.

Format and audience The session will be a panel format, and its intended audience is those at an intermediate technical level. The principal speaker would be Rachel Delacour, our CEO.

Our additional proposed panelists would be: Laurent Gasser, Revevol CEO - Ram Menon, executive vice president of marketing for Tobco - Jeff Kaplan, THINKStrategies - Paul Taylor, Financial times - Ben Worthen, WSJ.