iPad Dominates BimeAnalytics.com Mobile Traffic

While using Bime to analyze our own web traffic the other day, I thought about how prevalent mobile browsing has become over the past few years. With the rise of the smart phone and the mobile tablet PC I thought it would be interesting to perform a query about our mobile website traffic. According to Business Insider, the iPad represents 2.1% of US web traffic, and 1% of global web traffic.  2.1% may not sound like much but it's actually very impressive for a new category of device introduced little over a year ago.

For bimeanalytics.com, I expected smart phones to dominate the visits due to stats that suggest way more people have smartphones than tablets. Interestingly, it's iPads that steal the show with just under 50% of our defined mobile visits for a specified time frame.

mobile traffic

Taking a look at time on site, it was very surprising to see that the iPod was the device that rendered the longest average session length!

session length

As you can see, Blackberry falls behind the rest... why do you think this is? Could be to do with the connection speed? To find out, simply use the "decompose" feature. Analyses like this can help you make improvements to the mobile version of your site!

What's your favourite / most frequented medium for accessing websites? Let us know in the comments!