Introducing In-Page Analytics: Visual Context For Your Analytics Data

Google has announced in-page Analytics for Google Analytics. In-Page Analytics works as an overlay (it replaces Site Overlay), allowing users to see data superimposed right over different products or design elements.  It was introduced because sometimes it’s difficult to visualize how visitors navigate on a given website page, when looking at Google Analytics reports. Up until now there was no good way to visualize how visitors navigate on a website.

The goal is to help users better understand the correlations between site elements and traffic metrics, allowing them to make more educated design and navigation choices.

In-Page Analytics is already available for all Analytics users who have English as their language. Being a beta means that there's a chance that not everything will work smoothly, but Google engineers are working on improving it.

Here's the accompanying help video.

You’ll find the In-Page Analytics report in the Content section in your Google Analytics account, and it replaces Site Overlay. You can read more about In-Page in the Google Analytics Help Center.