Introducing composite connections: mix data from any data sources in memory

Today we introduced a new Beta feature in Bime: composite connections. Did you ever want to mix your data with your back office data? Or enrich the data in your relational databases with data from a simple excel spreadsheet? Well, if you are involved in the business of data analysis or decision making, there is good chance that you faced this kind of need.

The answer so far was either a major Excel hand-made data crunching or using a kind of ETL tool. Today, we offer you a new way of doing this kind of merge, much more quickly and simply: the composite connections of Bime.

A composite model is basically an in-memory merge of two base connections. The type of connection doesn't matter so you can bring and mix data from Excel, any major RDBMS, simpleDB, Google Spreadsheets etc... Once Bime has the data, a fusion will occure in memory and "boom": you have a cube in memory ready to be queried.

Happy data analysis.