Bounce Rate Demystified [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is the bounce rate?

A bounce is when someone lands on a site and leaves without viewing any other pages.

Bounce rate is an important metric used to analyze your website traffic, goals and conversion rate, visit quality etc. It is essentially the percentage of initial visitors who leave your site after arriving at the entry page. A high bounce rate suggests that the entrance pages do not appeal to visitors.

Bounce rate is an awesome way to measure the quality of the traffic and visitor engagement on your website. It is almost immediately accessible in any web analytics tool. It’s easy to understand, hard to misunderstand and can be applied to pretty much any of your efforts.

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Here is an inforgraphic from KISSmetrics: Bounce Rate Demystified.

bounce rate infographic

As you are probably already aware, Bime connects directly to your Google Analytics account. Bounce rate elements are predefined and are automatically pulled from your Google Analytics data. You'll find them under the "measures" column in Bime.

One of my favourite queries to do in Bime involving the bounce rate is to compare bounce rate across multiple profiles.

compare bounce rate across multiple profiles

You can highlight any combination of profiles to compare them.

highlight any combination of profiles Highlight one profile and omit others to focus on one website's bounce rate.

Another analysis I like to do is to compare the bounce rate for different sources of traffic.

compare the bounce rate for different sources of traffic

The colored bars represents the AVG session length...the visitors from the source with the lowest bounce rate actually spend the longest time on the site per session = high quality traffic!

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