Incubation for the nation

Since few days, we are officially an "innovative start-up"!Wahhh! We are very proud to be part of the Cap Omega incubator located in Montpellier (south of France). That's done! So we can now go to holidays... I am joking.

Actually, we are not at the early stage of our business trip: a first group of beta friends will begin testing our product next week.

It sounds like if our admission was quite late. Actually we still wanted to approach Cap Omega for several reasons:

-To get out of our "bubble", to meet others people because developing a software makes you become an oyster (I assume this definition): you are focused on your own pearl, nothing else, in the do barely enough some poetry sometimes...

-To get more credibility: even though our product " Paperboy" will be our unique credit, it's still a first recognition (to recruit or to benefit from professional contacts for example)

-To find a better work path because we are always working when we're at home, there are no breaks and it's a trap.

Nevertheless, we are still afraid:

-To lose independence

-To have to fight for our business approaches

-To meet auto-proclaimed Bill Gates guys at every corners

We will lengthen this list later when experimenting this new stage.

And by the way, keep us in touch about your own incubation experience!