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Customer Testimonial - Erasmus Research Institute of Management - ERIM

About our customer Wilfred Mijnhardt & the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM):

Wilfred Mijnhardt (left) is executive director of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The institute is the joint initiative of the Rotterdam School of Management, the international business school at Erasmus University and the Erasmus School of Economics. ERIM is a community of around 350 researchers in the field of management. Wilfred himself has been at the Institute for 12 years and has helped build the organization from scratch into a research institute with a worldwide reputation. ERIM is consistently ranked among the top 3 research institutes in management in Europe and top 25 worldwide.

About the Erasmus Institute’s needs :

The institute produces lots of data to disclose and much of this data goes into publications like an annual report which is viewed primarily by academic stakeholders but also by business and a wider societal audience.

ERIM strives for academic excellence and impact by targeting top journals in management research. Wilfred wanted to show with dynamic and web-based analytics that ERIM had effectively brought the field of management research at Erasmus University to a top international level, covering a perspective of 10 years. He wanted to produce dashboards with statistics and intelligence to gain insight into the scope of their academic performance pattern with KPIs such as the number of publications, selections on the top publications, per countries, per field of research etc.

Displeased with the blandness of the school statistics profiling reports, Wilfred looked for a way to bring his data to life! With so much data from a range of different sources, Wilfred needed to get his dashboards set up. He needed a solution which was then user friendly and quick & easy to use, which offered a variety of visualizations and dashboarding tools to extract the true potential from his data. As Wilfred notes, the ability to share his dashboards and for his users to be able to interact with the data, was also of optimal importance:

"Visitors to the website, especially our academic peers, would like to play with the data and experience the transparency of our performance system, not just look at it"

Wilfred commented that the combination was the key, the process of: obtaining the data from multiple databases, analysing and processing this data, and then displaying it through effective visualizations. All three needed to be efficient to fully leverage the true value of the data. It was the combination that delivered the magic.

[caption id="attachment_12901" align="alignleft" width="530" caption="Internationalisation in 2010 (zoomed in on Europe), taken from the ERIM Input Dashboard"][/caption]

Why Bime ? How has Bime responded to Wilfred’s needs ?

With much talk in the industry about the potential of using analytics to track school profiling reports, Erasmus were keen to be the first movers within the academic and university market. The Institute is very proud of their academic results and publications and was keen to implement a modern solution which could fully exhibit their data. Bime was suggested as the solution to fit their needs by our Dutch partners, KJP Consultants. Wilfred comments that the “liveliness of the visualizations in Bime was the initial trigger”.

In continued and “very pleasant” co-creation with Bime, the institute now puts out a dynamic annual report with trends and analytics. The dashboards represent data for input, output and productivity at this institute and are drawn from multiple databases holding Erasmus’ research information systems. At time of writing they have produced 6 years worth of dynamic annual reports and have plans to soon expand this to cover a 10 year period, all of which are available to view at any time online on their website.

In a break from traditional dashboards, the dashboards take several seconds to load because they update with real-time data and are not static.They provide updates and interactive features for the viewers in the context of the website. One of the main advantages Wilfred has found is that stakeholders can interact with the dashboards to fully explore the data. This helps reassure them about the information organization, that performance measurements systems are in good shape at the company and also fully shows off the data. Wilfred is impressed with the strong range of visualizations available in Bime and in particular makes use of the publishing options, which allow ERIM to embed the dashboards in reports and emails as well as sharing them with stakeholders, fellow academia and the world, on the institute website. Working in conjunction with the website, the dashboards allow users to learn a lot simply by scrolling the dashboards, providing “a very rich insight of company performance over the years”.

[caption id="attachment_12896" align="alignleft" width="530" caption="Erasmus Research Staff, taken from the ERIM Input Performance Dashboard"][/caption]

What about our Bime partner KJP Consultants ? What help did they provide Wilfred ?

After first signing up for Bime, Wilfred worked closely with KJP Consultants and was in dialogue with Bime HQ in France, to make Wilfred’s vision a reality and KJP provided conclusive support to fully explore and optimize the functionality of Bime. KJP particularly assisted Wilfred to fuse his many databases in Bime and in harnessing the post-processing power of Bime. From a technological point of view KJP helped Erasmus take multiple data sets and create a chain of information, connected by Bime to provide an overview of all the Institute’s data. Wilfred describes KJP as the “bridge” between the analytics and the corporate world. He added that it was a fantastic help to have a local Bime consultant and the KJP team provide “great support” and have “huge empathy” for the customer.

[caption id="attachment_12916" align="alignleft" width="530" caption="International Articles, ISI Highly Cited Classification, taken from the ERIM Output Dashboard"][/caption]

Did Wilfred realize his vision with Bime ?

Erasmus share their dashboards online, through their website, available here. Wilfred has received a lot of positive feedback particularly from fellow professors and from the academia network worldwide. Users enjoy how the dashboards present live analysis and how they are extremely collaborative, with many users asking Wilfred how he creates such dashboards. The institute is proud of their cutting edge research and are now pleased to have an innovative tool to mirror their research and to inform their stakeholders.

Erasmus currently has plans to utilize the analytical power of Bime to do more data crunching and use BIME as a presentation layer on top of some of the more technical academic software such as SPSS and STATA and make the results more user-friendly with Bime.

View ERIM's Input, Output & Performance dashboards here.

Thank you to our customer Wilfred Mijnhardt for accepting this interview and to our Bime partner for Benelux, KJP consultants. November 2011.

Wilfred maintains a weblog on research impact: