How To Track and Separate Internal & External Traffic in Google Analytics

Ever come across the dilemma of wanting to separate employees and outside visitors to your website in Google Analytics? We tell you how to get around this little problem. There are 2 ways you can separate your data. The first is with advanced segments. The second is with using separate profiles and filters within those profiles.

Advanced segments method Create 2 advanced segments within your website profile, one with only the IP address of your office, and one excluding the IP address of your office. To find your IP address simply go to one of the many IP address trackers available online such as On your dashboard by default you will still see all data available, but in the top right hand corner you can then change the segments, or select multiple segments. This solution will give you more options to compare the data, but to really dig deep you need a tool like BIME to extract and analyse.

Profiles method The other solution would be to create two additional profiles - one to track only external traffic and one to track only internal traffic. You will have a total of three profiles: (A) collects ALL traffic information (B) create a filter to exclude your office IP Address and thus collect only external traffic, and (C) create a filter to include only your office IP address thus collecting only internal traffic. Following this path will allow you to analyse your different traffic types independently, have different dashboards, email reports and so on. However, the limitations of this method are that you cannot compare the 2 sets of data within one profile. A way around that would be of course to use BIME! Using this profile method you will also be able to give individual users access to only the areas that they need to see.

Do you track your internal and external traffic in GA? How do you do it? Let us know in the comments!

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