High Speed Rail Networks : How do different countries compare ? [Dashboard]

At Bime HQ we always like to keep abreast of current affairs and often behind the story there is some great data we can bring to life using Bime. Earlier this week the British government approved plans for the first domestic high speed rail network, scheduled to be in place by 2026. For some this upgrade was long overdue and certainly Britain appears to be lagging behind it's European counterparts, handily from Bime HQ in Montpellier in the south of France we are able to get the high speed train up to Paris in just over 3 hours (597km).

The announcement gave us the opportunity to compare some high speed rail networks worldwide. Using Bime we were able to take some general statistics from the Guardian Data Blog on the distance of current and planned high speed rail lines and add some basic population and land area information to create some visualizations comparing high speed rail networks in different countries.

As always, in Bime dashboards are interactive for viewers, click the link or the image to view and play around with the data.

View the dashboard here

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