The Hidden Costs of Excel

Apesoft’s recent white paper on the shortcomings of Excel in today’s business environment is right on the button. We agree that considering most business’ current implicit investment in it, it is often too hard to tear away from it. As they argue, any solution must:

• Reduce the burden on IT by accessing data sources automatically.

• Be intuitive to use and not require extensive retraining.

• Deliver insightful reports automatically.

• Prevent repetition of work by easy sharing of data and analysis.

• Cut out time wasted on making graphs look pretty rather than analysing data.

In short, given Excel’s power and ubiquitous nature, they argue that any solution must complement it, not replace it. The SaaS model fits the bill perfectly. It provides a fast and lightweight addition to Excel, allows data in the cloud to be shared with anyone, anywhere and moulds to the ever evolving demands of users and companies. Why try and solve the problems of traditional software with more of the same?