Grouped Dashboards [BIME TIP]

There will be times when you want to group your dashboards together. Well, to save you having to create a whole new dashboard for a set of visualizations related to your original analysis, Bime allows you to create multiple tabs within your dashboard (acting like individual dashboards in their own right) - enabling you to group your visualizations as you want. In this post we'll explain how to do this, and we'll give you a real live example.

For example, it should look something like this :

Grouped dashboards

grouped dashboard

There are different tabs separating our visitor data from our keyword data. This gives you the flexibility you need and saves you a lot of time and effort trying to create multiple dashboards.

How do you create grouped dashboards? While in the pivot table, choose Save > To dashboard, then either > New or > An existing dashboard. This will bring up the following pop-up:


Where it says "Group with" - this is a list of all the potential dashboards you can group it with. Choose the one you want and click Save.

Switch between grouped dashboards with one click. Refresh them simultaneously or individually - it's up to you and your requirements. Don't spend more time than absolutely necessary analysing your data - let Bime do the tricky stuff for you so that you can spend more time concentrating on other aspects of your business.

See an example dashboard using grouped dashboards here:

Click the image above or click here to access the dashboard