Google+ User Statistics Part II - How Have Demographics Shifted Since G+ Came Out of Beta? [DASHBOARD]

Following the same pattern of our last Google+ dashboard, we were eager to see how the demographics of the users has shifted in the 2 weeks following the changes in the social network's invite system. As before, there are a few things to note before diving into the data. 1. The data is taken from a SAMPLE, not from the whole G+ population. 2. Edited - people are indexed at random for the sample (apparently you don't add yourself). Apologies for having previously reported otherwise, it was an error on our part. 3. It’s a snapshot in time! The numbers will have again slightly shifted since the dashboard was created. We used data from over a period of 2 days, between the 16th and the 18th of August 2011.

Sourcing our data from the same place as before,, we created an interactive Bime dashboard that shows some comparisons between the demographics of the Google+ user base back in July, and how it looks now, halfway through August.

This time, the sample was much bigger at between 9,647,653 and 14,536,129 users, at the time of creation.


  • Surprisingly, not much has changed! Females increased from 28 to 30% of the total sample.


  • There were several new entrants to top 100 companies including: School, IT, HP, Life, Government, Express, Sony, Orange, YMCA, Vodafone, Subway and others.
  • Some that were previously in the top 100 have been knocked out: JP Morgan and IBM India to name a couple.
  • Please note: we took out all forms of "Myself" from the August companies snapshot... this included "Me", "Myself" and "Me and Myself only" (??!), because there were so many different forms it was hard to see the real underlying trends.
  • There are several different variations of the same employer (e.g. Wal-Mart and Walmart). We tried to add these up wherever necessary but will have missed a few for sure. So just be aware of that.
  • Company distribution is very similar to July, but the order of position has changed a little. Most importantly, most of the top companies have more than doubled the number of G+ users in the past 2 weeks.


  • Again, for occupations there were several different versions of the same thing => Teach, teacher, educator; System administrator, systems administrator; Grad student, graduate student.
  • In July the Geeks ruled - now in August the Students are taking over!

User growth

  • User growth stats were sourced from here, here and here, not from findpeopleonplus.
  • Google+ has been credited with being the fastest growing social network in terms of user signups, with it reaching an impressive 25 million users less than 1 month after its launch.

Geographic distribution

  • User distribution by country for August was pretty much the same pattern, just with increased numbers.

Active or not active?

  • Another interesting analysis that was in the data was the number of "active" vs "inactive" users. A tweet from findpeopleonplus confirms that a user is classed as active if they have posted at least once publicly on G+. Findpeopleonplus have said that they are going to rename this field. We took this analysis out as a lot of people feel it is not accurate enough.

Google+ User Statistics Part II - How have the demographics shifted since G+ came out of beta?

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