Google+ Statistics - An Overall Snapshot Of The Google+ Userbase [DASHBOARD]

Google+: everyone's talking about it. The project garnered almost 20 million registered users since it launched June 28, according to web-traffic analysts comScore Inc. And this was in a closed public beta launch, meaning the only way you can register is if you get an invite from another user. Considering the buzz, we struggled to find any good solid interactive visualizations out there documenting some of the stats. So we decided to create one.

Thanks to the guys over at, we were able to analyze a sampling of 4,412,227 Google+ users using bime. The data had to be pretty comprehensive to give us a good overall picture of the Google+ landscape: it includes geographical location, gender, relationship status, occupation and more.

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N.B.  the age distribution data came from comScore and is not part of the same sample of 4,412,227 Google+ users from findpeopleonplus. Also, this data is a few weeks old, so the demographics may well have changed since we created the dashboard. It's also pretty skewed, as those who signed up for the service first tended to be the techies, the developers and the engineers. Nevertheless, enjoy.

Click on the image below to access the interactive dashboard