Google Launches Big Query, Bime featured in the GigaOM article

On Tuesday Google made their data analytics service, Big Query available to the public. Innovators can build services on top of the back end Big Query technology and we were pleased to be featured in the GigaOM article reporting the launch - "Google opens up its BigQuery data analytics service to all". Big Data allows users to upload their data to Google and perform business analytics in the cloud. Google are offering up to 2 terabytes of storage and provide processing on up to 1000 queries per day. As Google state in their blog post, the release of Big Query is:

" important milestone in our effort to bring Big Data analytics to all businesses via the cloud"

We share this vision and are excited about the potential of bringing cloud based analytics to the masses. Earlier this year both our CEO, Rachel Delacour and Big Query Product Manager, Ju-Kay Kwek spoke on this topic at the GigaOM Structure:Data event in March.

Harnassing the power of Big Query users can create data visualizations and dashboards in Bime based on millions of rows of data. This creates exciting oppurtunities for smaller companies who have large data needs but do not want to make the large investment in the required infrastructure. As Rachel Delacour, said during her presentation at GigaOM Structure:Data:

"small businesses can relax about the skills gap"

Read the full GigaOM article on Google Big Query here.